PRview 2021 REPORT: Who’s winning the PR battle in the semiconductor industry?

For many years, even spilling over into the early years of the online media, Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) was the unsatisfactory metric for evaluating your spend. Then in 2010 came the ‘Barcelona Principles’ a method in which calculating the metric is more arduous than producing the content itself.

This is why we are launching PRview, a new way for deep tech brands to measure their PR impact, by AUTOMATICALLY assigning ‘P Score’ to all types of media coverage based on certain criteria.

To demonstrate PRview for the first time we have created this report which looks at the semiconductor sector and benchmarks how the brands in this sector are performing – but in actual fact the system could be applied to any sector, and it is now being rolled out across Publitek’s deep tech PR client base.

To learn more about PRview and the criteria that goes into calculating our ‘P Score’ download the report today.