Revealed: Who’s winning the social media battle in the semiconductor industry?

Our latest ‘Social Success’ white paper for B2B electronics marketers reveals in great detail who’s winning the social media battle in the semiconductor industry. Although focused on semiconductors, the paper gives valuable insights to any company selling components, sub-assemblies, software or services into the electronic engineering community.

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Revealed: How leading semiconductor companies are using online newsrooms

For this latest report, we researched the newsrooms of some of the leading semiconductor companies. The report analyses best practice of newsroom usage, including:

  1. Discovery
  2. Content
  3. Distribution & re-distribution
  4. Social integration
  5. Subscription options
  6. Contact information
  7. Analytics
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How to create Search Engine Optimised product data sheets

We’ve created a checklist of tips to help optimise your product data sheets for search, ensuring they sit at the top of the search results when an engineer types in one of the myriad of specifications that relate to your product.

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Online tool reveals SEO value of B2B electronics trade media

Electronics PR, or at least the media relations aspect of it, can play a vital role in boosting your website’s search engine visibility, if you or your agency know how to best take advantage of the opportunity.

Our interactive table enables you to search by media title, or sector, and compare which websites can have the greatest impact on your SEO.

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Revealed: How B2B electronics media outlets are using Twitter

In B2B electronics media, it can be difficult to truly gauge the reach and impact of Twitter, but as a leading electronics PR agency, we have to try!  This comprehensive new report crunches the numbers and shows where major North American B2B electronics publications and journalists stand in terms of Twitter usage.

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