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Seer apps make it easy to optimize marcom strategies and programs using current, complete, and accurate data.

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Data-driven marketing and communications is here. Seer.

Seer is our custom-built platform that automatically aggregates data from a multitude of sources and then processes, analyses and visualises it for you through performance and insight apps. Now you can see clearly how marcoms activities perform, and optimize your planning, budget and KPIs.

  • Improve results Use Seer insights to create strategy based on data. Then track, assess and optimize performance in near real time.
  • Save time Collecting data manually takes time, can be very complicated, and introduces the possibility of human error. Seer does it automatically, and creates easy-to-grasp visualizations for fast decision making.
  • Be more accurate Seer collects, cleans and combines data every day, so data quality is far more reliable and up to date. Customization options let you tailor reports for just what you want to see.
  • Know where you stand Seer’s proprietary industry benchmark scores let you evaluate your marketing performance against the industry average.

Navigate the data with Seer apps

The Seer platform covers the marketing spectrum with apps for PR, social media, advertising and web activities. These apps tell the story within the data, starting at the highest level of overall program impact. You can point-and-click into the data, examining each multiple levels of performance in detail, and even exporting the data for your reporting.

PR Impact

Get insight into how your PR program is performing across the metrics that matter most and in the context of the industry benchmark for your sector. Impact is calculated using a weighted formula that measures:

  • Brand visibility Brand visibility
  • Domain authority Domain authority
  • Target audience alignment Target audience alignment
  • Audience reach Audience reach
  • Social shares Social shares
  • Share of voice Share of voice
  • View time View time

Social Media Impact

Social media is full of metrics; learn which ones move the needle and in the context of your industry’s benchmark. Impact is calculated using a weighted formula that measures:

  • Total followers Total followers
  • Follower growth Follower growth
  • Overall activity Overall activity
  • Total engagements Total engagements
  • Content quality Content quality
  • Channel usage Channel usage

Advertising Impact

Advertising Impact enables you to evaluate your media spend and creative performance against industry benchmarks using a weighted formula that measures:

  • CP Cost per click (CPC)
  • CPM Cost per thousand impr. (CPM)
  • CTR Click through rate (CTR)
  • Total impressions Total impressions
  • Total placements Total placements

Website Impact

Coming soon, the website impact app will measure traffic sources and types, content engagement, share of search and more.

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