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Search-optimised, integrated digital marketing

The web sites we design are search-optimised, mobile responsive, content rich and have clear calls-to-action to maximise lead generation. We also integrate them with social media channels, all popular CRM systems and with outbound marketing channels.

In addition to web site design, our integrated digital marketing services span:

It’s an holistic, integrated approach to marketing communications that delivers the best possible return on investment.

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technical content marketing

We are expert at creating stylish, mobile responsive websites that are focused on converting visitors to leads as well as being quick to load, optimised around key search terms and integrated with social media fields, email marketing platforms and CRM systems.

We ensure that it meets the long list of criteria as well as staying true to your branding and values. In addition, we design and build bespoke applications on industry leading open source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Magento.

Blogs and newsrooms can be social media and e-marketing hubs.

A blog permits regular updates of search engine optimised content focussed on key messages that target audiences are likely to search for.

A company’s online newsroom is a content-rich source that must be easy for visitors to navigate with downloadable documents, images and video or audio content.

We create online newsrooms that can integrate blog posts as well as content from social media sites, so that it becomes a reliable source of information as well as boosting your SEO efforts. We then measure the impact of the newsroom with analytics from either a bespoke reporting system or an extension of an existing web metrics solution. We look at the number of visits and unique visitors, segmented by the channel that steered them to your newsroom and of course what they did while they were there.

Technical product information can be complex and difficult to manage because specifications change and product portfolios expand, calling for more frequent updates.

We create product hubs that seamlessly integrate with your website and are designed for technical products that require multiple search criteria. The product hub enables fast and sophisticated product searches within flexible, easy-to-view product tables.

Our research clearly indicates that video content embedded in your marketing produces a higher engagement rating than any other type of content. We have the capability in-house to generate diverse and engaging video content, from creative concepts to recording and post-production, but most importantly we understand how to use video content in the right channels to reach the people who need to see it.