Marketing and communications rely on the art of persuasion. It all starts with knowing the pain points, challenges and unmet needs of your audiences.

We augment our deep understanding of technical audiences with specific, actionable research and data analysis to inform everything from brand strategy to campaign planning. We execute, measure and optimize…continuously.

Data & Analysis

Our digital and data science team uses industry-leading insights tools as well as creating Publitek’s own proprietary tools to deliver actionable intelligence that informs strategy and tactics.


From market research-fueled brand strategy to execution of branding, rebranding and brand refresh initiatives, we apply our market and sector expertise and deep understanding of technical audiences to produce compelling brands that drive affinity, loyalty and purchase consideration.


Our content directors partner with our client services team to lead clients through strategic, persona-driven exercises to produce messages that are both relevant and differentiated. The core messages then cascade through everything from whitepapers, press releases, social media posts, video, ad copy, and more.

Strategic Planning and Consultancy

Our exclusive focus on deeply technical B2B industries and our full range of services gives us the perspective needed to generate creative, strategic plans that produce results and disrupt markets.

Measurement and Optimization

We provide our clients with real-time, interactive dashboards to monitor the performance of their programs. Not only are we willing to hold ourselves accountable, we rely on measurement and monitoring to enable optimization and continuous improvement.