Brand strategy and positioning

Successful brand strategy starts with understanding customer needs and wants, both logical and emotional.

Our proven process starts with research to understand those needs. It reviews how well you address them in your messaging and positioning.

We then explore the competitive landscape and help you craft a unique position for your brand, one that is relevant, sustainable and memorable. The result is effective positioning that creates a platform for business development, marketing communications, and profitable growth.

For B2B tech brands, our industry specialism and extensive deep-tech experience gives you a head start, making the process faster, easier and more effective.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

Sun Tzu, Author of The Art of War (5th Century BC)

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Brand identity

The three key elements of brand identity are brand name, visual identity and tone-of-voice, or verbal identity.

The best brand names help communicate what you sell, the benefits of your offering, or both. Good brand names communicate at least part of that.

But sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to change your brand name. That’s where a tagline, strapline or positioning statement come in. When well-crafted, these help communicate your proposition and make your brand more memorable, both of which underpin all marketing communications.

Visual identity is often the most subjective element of brand identity. The sheer diversity of successful brand logos demonstrates that many approaches will work. Our philosophy is to ensure that visual design is appropriate to brand and to the audience. It’s also vital that the brand name is clearly legible – you need to avoid ‘clever’ graphic designs that obscure your brand name or message.

Tone-of-voice, or verbal identity, is often the least considered element of brand identity, but it’s a vital one. It’s a powerful tool for communicating your brand’s personality and values. It needs to be clearly defined, then presented consistently to optimize communications effectiveness.

A brand is a reason to choose.

Cheryl Burgess, Author and Speaker

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Brand identity, content, media relations and social media fuel a successful journey to acquisition.

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At Publitek, we have an in-depth understanding of how to communicate technology at every level: business themes for the financially-minded C-suite, technology messages for technologists, and deeply technical information for engineers.

Like the brand strategy itself, messaging development starts with thinking about what customers want to hear, not simply what you want to say. We need to figure out their concerns – their ‘pain points’ – then craft messaging that demonstrates our understanding.

The next critical step is to translate the features of your services and products into benefits with compelling customer appeal.

At every step of messaging development, it’s important to take search engines into account. 93% of B2B purchasing decisions start with a web search. This means that to be effective, messaging needs to be communicated in the words that customers and potential customers are most likely to use when searching for solutions to their challenges.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Albert Einstein, Physicist

Strategic marketing planning

Search-optimized content is at the heart of an integrated marketing communications plan.

By ‘integrated’ we mean that every element of the communications plan works in harmony. Your messages are presented consistently in every piece of content and every communications channel. Each action reinforces all others to build your brand and strengthen your relationship with your customers and prospective customers.

Creating great content takes substantial effort. That’s why we advocate creative repurposing for the channels that your audiences use. It the only way to extract the best possible communications value from your content.

Publitek’s deep technology specialization, and our understanding of how technical specifiers and buyers source their products and services, means that we can not only help you create an effective communications plan but that we can also deliver cost-effective implementation.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Writer and Pioneering Aviator

The greatest data protection company that you’d never heard of

How we combined media, content and social services into one powerful Brand Narrative program that raised heads.

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